Dreaming of hosting an event that would be “the event” remembered by all your friends and family? If so, bring it to Capital City Catering in Columbia, SC. We take preparing food beyond the norm; bringing you five star custom catering services without the five star price. From outstanding customer service, to our scrupulous attention to detail, Capital City Catering is committed to guaranteeing your event will be the one event enjoyed and remembered by all.

At Capital City Catering, we take pride in everything we do. Our passion is presenting your food to you in such a way that will set your catered event apart from the rest, creating excitement for you and your guest. You’ll find that this passion lies in the heart of our cuisine! Unique and wide-ranging menus are best illustrated in our southern classic to contemporary gourmet. Your taste buds will appreciate each mouth watering dish.

Capital City Catering was created in 2007 by three individuals who like to think “out of the box” and believe quality, outstanding customer service and attention to detail combined with their individual skills generate an awesome presentation for each and every client in an unforgettable dining experience. With over twenty five years of culinary background in various cuisines to masterful expertise in Lowcountry cooking, they have established an upscale company that has continually grown through meeting client demands and creating a catering experience of unparalleled success.
LeeAnne Ellis

developed skills in Carolina Lowcountry cuisine from her early childhood years and continues to master a variety of food preparations that delights everyone’s taste buds. In addition, LeeAnne’s attention to detail and her passion for ensuring that each and every event is “uniquely yours” will help bring your wedding, corporate functions and other events to life.

Mark Raines
comes to Capital City Catering with over 20 years of culinary experience. He had the opportunity to mentor under local chef David Grillo for 10 years. Together they opened three restaurants and Mark managed the kitchens of all of those restaurants. Mark has a culinary background of both Mexican and Italian inspired dishes which brings a great variety to our already vibrant kitchen.